Create a Good Marketing Plan with These 3 apps

Creating a marketing plan, or a written strategy that will help your business grow by telling others about it, may be one of the most essential processes you will be making for your business. The question is: where do you begin? Give these 3 apps a try so you would know the answer.

  1. Marketing Plan Premier

This iPad app may be one of the most comprehensive marketing plan creators there is in the market. Marketing Plan Premier appears as a mini-marketing text book that will require you to fill-in-the-blank as it heavily relies on the idea that all great businesses give solutions to the consumers’ problems. The simple yet hardly-attainable step would be to define their problems and explain how your products address them.

Other benefits of this app include a program that will analyze the workflow of your competitors, determine the value fit for your target market, and the appropriate price of your products. Lastly, it will brief you through a list of options in advertising.

Enjoy best designed map experience

Enjoy best designed map experience

Once you’ve gone through the process, the app will provide you a multi-page summary based on your answers, which may be emailed to you or sent to Dropbox.

  1. Marketing Plan App

If you need less guidance but need much similar results in less time, Marketing Plan App may be the perfect app for you. Using this app will help you create everything – from your Vision Statements to a market analysis. It will even help you determine a budget for your marketing needs. Once you’ve filled in the blanks, you may be able to save the document as a PDF file or an MS Word doc and can be printed straight through your device.

  1. MarketMyBiz

Made by the government of Australia, this beautifully designed marketing plan app is available in iOS and Android tablets for free. Although it is not as wide-ranged as the Marketing Plan App, the interface is admirable as seen through its intuitive navigational structure that does not bog down in boxes while moving from one page to another.

Make Your Own Mobile Apps For The Android Market

Make Your Own Mobile Apps For The Android Market

The app also comes with a section which will help you in discovering your weakness and will give you suggestions and solutions on how to address it. Once you’ve input the data asked in the app, MarketMyBiz will compile all your answers in a single report that you can immediately print from your device or email as a PDF file.

The marketing part is always crucial in any business and can be a bit frustrating when it is not done well, most especially when it does not yield positive results. Good thing there are reliable apps in the market that will help you formulate a effective marketing plans if you have difficulty in doing so.

3 Smart Money Moves You Should Do the Year Before Retiring

The most difficult part before you retire is planning the transition from working to retiring. There are many decisions that you need to make and they can definitely cause you a lot of headaches. One major issue that needs to be thought of properly is the source of income following retirement. Yes, retirement savings and pensions are available as you retire, but will it last or will it run out before you pass away? Here are some money moves that can help you have a worry-free retirement.

1. Delay in claiming your Social Security benefits

Most people usually retire at the age range of 60 to 70. Some even retire as early as 55. To ensure that you will have a steady source of income for the rest of your life, it is advisable that you delay claiming your Social Security benefits. This is advised by financial experts as it will make you earn more once you receive the payments. Furthermore, if you have paid for more than 35 years, you are assured to have an income for the rest of your life. Check your Social Security statements and seek advice on how you can get more from this opportunity.

3 Retirement Strategies to Employ Before You Hit 40

3 Retirement Strategies to Employ Before You Hit 40

2. Budget planning beyond retirement

This is one money move that you might forget as your retire. You get caught with the euphoria of having the time to relax and spend some retirement savings. Creating a budget plan will help you in spending wisely. Just before retiring check what expenses you think you will be making when you retire. Things like monthly bills, food, and other necessities will not go away as you retire. Set aside some money and determine how you should spend your retirement savings. As the saying goes, forgetting to plan is planning to fail.

3. Create a retirement portfolio for other source of income

As you move closer to retirement, one of the biggest humps that you need to solve is how to have a steady flow of cash following retirement. Commodities have become more expensive nowadays. Looking for opportunities can be very difficult once you retire. Creating a retirement portfolio will help you with this problem. You can attain balance in the way you invest your money and gain some income. You can seek advice from financial experts on how you can generate income from bond, stocks, and other investment opportunities.

3 Retirement Strategies to Employ Before You Hit 40

3 Retirement Strategies to Employ Before You Hit 40

You can do a lot of things when you retire. However, there are obstacles and problems that you need to solve first. It is easy to solve these problems if you make moves and plan ahead. It will not only leave you with ample time for planning, but it will also allow you to have an enjoyable retirement.

Want to Quick Smoking? Here are 5 Easy Ways…

Do you wants to quick smoking? Studies shows that, in 2008 21.1 million are smoking, 18% women and 23.1% are men. This may increase within the next few years. Today, one out 4 men smoke, same as women one out of 5 smoke.

Though, smokers are aware the huge financial toll. A pack of 20 cigarettes cost $10. But question is why do they still smoke? Well, as we all know nicotine is the primary part of cigarettes. It is highly addictive and provides psychological comfort.

A lot of quitting methods have been established, like patch, pills, nicotine gum. But best way is to control and discipline. Here are 5 easy ways to quit smoking.

Methods to quit smoke

Methods to quit smoke

  1. Nicotine Alternatives

There is a therapy that has been called “Nicotine Replacement Therapy”. This focuses more on providing low dosages of nicotine, so as to relieve cravings and symptoms, when someone decides to stop smoking.

Here are some alternative that comes in different form:

  • Skin patch – this would help during withdrawal process.

  • Gum / Lozenges – the goal is to stop using this after 6 months. This is the safest way when quitting.

  • Nasal spray – this will satisfies the oral urges.

  1. Set a Date

Make a date on when will you start quitting, this would set your goal and commitments.

  1. Stop buying cartoons, get packs

When getting ready to quit, start buying packs at a time, and when you go out of the house just bring at least 2-3 sticks. So, when you run out of smokes, you won’t have any available, and this will slow down your cravings.

  1. Instead of cigarette break….

If you are used to have a cigarette break during work, it is time to divert or choose to do something that can lead you from not smoking. Like playing computer games, a phone call or a stroll and look for place where you could stay but not where the smokers are.

  1. Choose a different environment

Most of the smokers choose to stay in a place where the smokers are. This is the “smoking area”. But make it in a different way, instead of going to the same place choose where you will not be tempted to light a cigarette. It would help a lot if you avoid going to a different place.

Ways to quit smoking

Ways to quit smoking

This might be an easy task to do, when you decided to quit on smoking, make sure you will have the strong will to stop, and also dedication. If you just quit for a short time and decided to go back, then it will just be was of time and effort.

Nicotine addiction may take few days to break-away. But, with a strong will to quit, things will be easy.

End Relationships Without Drama: 3 Ways to Get It Done

It’s never easy to end a relationship. Even if you feel that it’s the best thing to do and you badly want your freedom, it’s still something that’s hard to do. In many instances, it will be filled with drama. You already had enough drama throughout the course of the relationship and you don’t want more. But how do you do it? How do you get rid of all the drama? Here are 3 ways to break up without going through all the drama.

  1. Break up with him at the right time

It isn’t a good idea to break up with him during a party or any kind of social gathering. It’s also not a perfect time when you’re in the grocery or just on the road. Once you tell him the bad news, he’ll surely become caught off guard. If you do it in the grocery, he’ll most probably react strongly. It’s better to do it in the park or in a café. Although there’s no perfect time to break up with someone, you should still try to do it when you’re in control of the situation. Talk to him privately and don’t blurt it out to all your friends. When he’s caught off guard with your decision, there’s a great chance he’ll be very frustrated and start to show his drama skills.

Need romance to break up with your friend

Need romance to break up with your friend

  1. Break up with him in a public place

Doing it in a public place reduces the chances that the breakup will end in chaos. If there are people around you, he’ll most probably just handle the scene the best way he could. If you’re alone with him, he may freak out and you’ll end up getting back with him. It’s best to be in a public place so you can just walk away when it’s all over.

  1. Break up with him in person

It’s not a smart move to break up with a person through text, over the phone, or through email. It’s disrespectful. You’re already leaving the person for good, you might as well show some respect and express your decision in person. You should have the courage to meet him and dump him in person. If you do it electronically, there’s a huge chance the guy will continue to bother you in social media sites, send you numerous emails, and even call you whole day. You don’t want all this drama? Talk to him in person and show him that you’re sure about your decision.

Romantic way to break up with your friend

Romantic way to break up with your friend

Breaking up with someone who was once a special part of your life may be very hard, but you have to do it if you want to be free. Just take a deep breath, say what you have to say, and walk away. Don’t ever give him the idea that you still want him or else you’ll have to deal with the drama once more.

Good and Bad Buys for E Readers for Under 200 Dollars

Many people are adopting the current trends in acquiring knowledge and exploring ideas. Today, they have a wide variety of options to choose from if they want to learn new things and ideas. Some schools make use of e-book readers or e-readers. Having this electronic device can provide benefits and drawbacks to every user.

What is an E-reader?

An e-reader, e-book reader, or e-book device is a mobile electronic device that is specifically designed to be used for reading digital periodicals and e-books. Devices that have the ability to display text on the screen act as an eBook reader. However, the specialized designs for e-Book readers can optimize readability, battery life, and portability.

Chinese Publishers Banding Together to Launch Super Book City

Chinese Publishers Banding Together to Launch Super Book City

Top 3 e-readers That Are Popular to People

  • Sony Reader – it is the line of e-book readers that is manufactured by Sony. It utilizes electronic paper display that is developed by E Ink Corporation. It can be viewed in direct sunlight, requiring no power to keep the static images, and can be used in landscape of portrait orientation.

  • PocketBook – PocketBook International S.A. is the multinational company producing e-book readers under the brand, PocketBook. It was introduced in 2007 and primarily targeted Russian language readers. It focuses on the software and design development. It has been the long standing leader in terms of various supported text formats.

  • Amazon Kindle – it is the e-book reader series that is produced by This device enables users to download, browse, and shop magazines, e-books, newspapers, and other digital media through wireless networking.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using E-book readers

There are several benefits that individuals can receive from using an e-book reader. For one, it allows them to download wherever they are at any time they want. They no longer have to wait for hours before they can read the material since it can be downloaded in just seconds. It also enables the user to search for some text elements. Generally, e-readers are lighter than traditional books, making it easier for users to carry the device from one place to another.

Like other products in the market, e-readers have also some drawbacks. For one, it requires expensive e-reader purchase needed for occasional updating and regular charging. They also do not have kinesthetic and textile properties of the traditional book. Another drawback is that they cannot be simply lent to family and friends or cannot be borrowed from library.

The most interactive E-books

The most interactive E-books

E-book readers can be beneficial in their own way. But they may also provide some drawbacks. What individuals have to do is to weigh things up and determine if they will benefit from using these e-readers or will it be better if they just settle for traditional books.