There is a new player in town, Candy Crush! Because of our passion for mobile gaming, the Indonesia video games industry is expanding. According to a survey by App Annie, Indonesia is currently the fourth-largest mobile gaming market in the world, with an estimated 140 million mobile gamers. So there are a lot of thumbs working out there!

But why are we so fixated on playing games on our phones? To begin with, it is tremendously convenient. We can entertain ourselves when traveling, driving, or even in those tedious meetings (don’t worry, we won’t tell your employer). Furthermore, the extensive selection allows everyone to find a game they enjoy. We have a wide selection of games, from puzzles to strategy.

Mobile gaming in Indonesia has become a source of entertainment and socializing, so it’s not only about convenience. Games have a strong feeling of community because streaming services like YouTube and Twitch make it simple for players to communicate with one another and share their experiences. Not to mention esports, which are becoming increasingly well-liked in Indonesia. Large audiences are attracted to tournaments and competitions, giving players and teams a chance to compete at a professional level.

The Indonesian government is taking measures to support and develop the mobile gaming industry in response to the industry’s rise. A national video game creation center will be established in 2019, according to plans released by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, and it will offer resources, support, and training to game producers. And this isn’t just any ordinary facility; this is going to be the pinnacle of gaming paradises!

However, not everything in mobile gaming is sunshine and rainbows. A distinct and uniform regulatory framework, which can make it challenging for businesses and developers to operate, is one of the critiindustry’s critical challenges not to let that depress our spirits; we are confident that the government will resolve the issue without delay.

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